What is a characteristic note?

Characteristic Note

Characteristic Note of a Mode The characteristic note of a mode is a defining note that helps us distinguish one mode fromanother. Due to the ubiquitous use of major and minor keys in Western music, Western listeners are somewhat conditioned to the sounds of major and minor scales. Therefore, when we hear a mode, we … Read more

Cluster Voicing & Open Cluster voicing

When it comes to harmonizing your music, exploring captivating techniques can elevate your compositions to new heights. One such technique is the use of cluster voicings. These voicings can be employed effectively throughout an entire passage, especially in action-driven scores where they have a significant impact. Cluster voicings offer a rich and dense harmonic texture, … Read more

Exploring the Quartal harmony

What is a quartal harmony? Quartal harmony involves building chords by stacking 4th intervals. This approach differs from the “tertian” harmony (building chords in 3rds) that is typical of traditional Western music. Quartal harmony tends to sound modern, often sidestepping the emotional connotations carried by major and minor chords. In addition, the notes of a quartal … Read more