[Score/Audio] Ostinato – Final Version with Melody and Percussion

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The composition highlights the use of a repeating bass ostinato played on the contrabass, along with the interplay between the cello and violin.

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Ostinato – Final Version with Melody and Percussion


  • Concert Pitch
  • Composer & Arranger – /
  • Instrumentation – Chords./ Fls. / Obs. / Hns. / Percs. (S.D/L Tom. Gong/B.D.) / Vln.1 / Vc. / Cb.
  • Length – 0:17
  • Format – PDF & Mp3 (320kbps)
  • Page Size – 9.00 x 12.00 in
  • Item Number – S11D

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Score Notations

  • To ensure brevity and clarity, we utilize “condensed scores” for large ensemble/orchestral compositions. For instance, instead of notating individual brass instruments separately, we condense them into a single staff labeled as “high brass.”
  • Certain musical notations, such as breath markings for winds and brass, harp tuning, piano pedaling, etc., are not explicitly indicated in the scores.
  • Most transposing instruments, like clarinets and horns, are written in concert pitch to avoid confusion. However, some instruments in our scores produce sounds at a different octave than written (e.g., the Contrabass sounds an octave lower, and the Glockenspiel sounds 2 octaves higher).
  • Whenever feasible, we include chord symbols in the scores to provide a summary of the harmony. However, in cases where the music doesn’t easily translate into traditional harmony, we omit chord symbols.
  • While percussion plays a vital role in many arrangements, our lessons primarily focus on harmonic concepts. Consequently, percussion notation is generally omitted.



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[Score/Audio] Ostinato – Final Version with Melody and Percussion