Hollywood Chords – The most popular film music composition technique

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This is an excerpt lesson from the [STUDY PACK] TWO CHORD STRUCTURE – 3RDS APART & PRACTICAL APPLICATION 2. Complete editions of video lessons, music scores (PDF), score analysis (PDF), and HD music examples used in this lesson can be viewed here. HOLLYWOOD CHORDS – INTRODUCTION Here, we explore creating evocative music by moving back … Read more

Compose dreamy music – unlocking the magic of two major chords (Pt.2)

Major chord progressions – dreamy, upward music [EX.2-2-C] This post was brought to you in collaboration with our partner site Behind the Score. Discover the Harmony Secrets of Modern Film and Video Games. View the music scores (PDF) and audio files used in this article. In this follow-up to Dreamy, Upward music: Major Chords a … Read more

Suspense, High Tension: Minor Chords a Half-Step Apart – Pt.2

Create Suspense Using Two Chords Continuing from part 1, we’ll take a look at how we can build a bigger ensemble piece using the previous two-chord structure of Em-Fm. Minor Chords Min. 2nd Apart Ⅱ  (EX. 2-1-B) This is an excerpt lesson taken from Behind the Score. Full video lessons, PDF scores, and MP3 audio files … Read more