Composing in Phrygian Dominant Scale

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Cover Photo by Amy Gatenby This article is an excerpt from the course “Scales in Action“ Introduction – Scale structure: 1 ♭2 3 4 5 ♭6 ♭7 (See Fig. A) – Characteristic Note: ♭2 – Analogous to the fifth Mode of Harmonic Minor Scale (See Fig. A) The Phrygian Dominant scale is common in the … Read more

Composing in Hirajoshi Scale

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Cover Photo by 五玄土 ORIENTO This post was brought to you in collaboration with our partner site Behind the Score. What is a Hirajoshi scale? – Scale structure:  1 2 ♭3 5 ♭6 (Fig. A) – Japanese Pentatonic Scale The Hirajoshi scale is an example of a pentatonic (five-tone) scale. Owing in part to the fact … Read more

Composing in Double Harmonic Minor Scale (Hungarian Minor)

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Cover Photo by Raymond Cozkes Introduction – Mode structure: 1 2 ♭3 ♯4 5 ♭6 7 (Fig. J)– Characteristic Note: ♯4– Analogous to the fourth Mode of Double Harmonic Major Scale The Double Harmonic Minor scale features two sets of augmented second intervals, similar to the Double Harmonic Major scale (or Byzantine scale) in the … Read more